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Colby Comic 11 fin.jpg

"DingleBerry, Texas. 1982. Where it all began." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 17 fin.jpg

"The kids at elementary school treated me nice." -The Duke

Colby Comic 12 fin.jpg

"I'll cherish the memories I made in high school forever." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 9 fin.jpg

"After college I decided to share my talent with the world." -The Duke

Colby Comic 15 final.jpg

"Mom & Dad always valued a FAMILY tour." -The Duke

Colby Comic 13 fin.jpg

"Middle school was no different." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 10 fin a.jpg

"It wasn't until college that I started to TRULY master my craft." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 1 final.jpg

"I brought peace to the Hindus." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 3 final.jpg

"Trophies to the Scandinavians." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 4.jpg

"Medicine to the Natives." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 2 money trees.jpg

"Power to the Gullahs." -The Duke

Colby Comic 5 final f.jpg

"Then it was time to come home." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 6 final f.jpg

"Times were tough." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 7 final f.jpg

"Aha!" -The Duke 

Colby Comic 8 final fb.jpg

"I knew I would need some help." -The Duke 

Colby Comic 16 fin.jpg

"And so it began." -The Duke 



Who are you and what inspired you to start SouLe$$ Music? 

They call me The Duke. I'm the CEO of SouLe$$ Music and it all started when I realized I could run a lucrative business revolving around a craft I know nothing about, and sell the creations of passionate artists for maximum profit. 

What do you look for when signing an artist? 

There is only ONE question I ask myself before signing an artist.

-Will this artist get ME laid? 


What advice do you have for kids aspiring to be in the music industry? 

Do what people in charge (like ME) tell you to do!

How can artists submit to SouLe$$ Music? 

Artists can submit by making a donation of $500 or more via PayPal to Oh, and don't forget to include a link to your music. 

​​CEO - Morty "The Duke" Underwood 

Web Design - Don Drangle 

VP - Now Hiring! 

Digital Marketing - Now Hiring!

Street Team - Now Hiring! 


If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please send your social security number to to be considered. 

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